Phantasus Interactive

(1977 - 1979)

Phantasus Interactive was one of many software companies to spring up suddenly, and then just as quickly disappear during the early days of the arcade boom. Having never successfully released a game, their history is easy to overlook, and sadly much has probably been lost forever.


My journey into the history of Phantasus Interactive began with the discovery of an unfamiliar, but unremarkable in appearance, arcade board at a flea market. The board had pretty extensive visible damage, but it was being sold cheap and having never seen this particular board, curiosity won out. It was no surprise that wouldn't boot up given the damage, but what was surprising was the high voltage requirement of the circuit. The next step was to try and get a dump from the ROM chips, which was successful after many attempts.

Like many companies at the time, Phantasus looked to capitalize on the success of the original "Pong" with their own clone.